Q: So who is this joker that I've never heard of who decided to create a whole website completely devoted to the trumpet?

A: Hi, my name is Steve and I am that joker! :-)

I'm a software enginner by day and live with my wife and son in upstate NY. For 30 years I've been performing all styles of music on trumpet and flugelhorn, jazz improvisation being a specialty. I have worked all over the tri-state area, including NYC, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Albany, plus parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

After graduation from college, in addition to going to about a million jam sessions, I began freelancing steadily in various musical settings encompassing all styles. I've worked as a member of the horn section with many bands and organizations throughout the tri-state area. Iíve also done many church services, parades and restaurants as part of a duo or trio, plus some studio work. I have extensive experience improvising on all forms of jazz, with a particular focus on the style of trumpeters like Clifford Brown and Freddie Hubbard.

For anyone who cares, I have owned a grand total of 2 trumpets and 1 flugelhorn. My primary trumpet is a Yamaha YTR-6335, bought in 2001, and an Olds Special from the early 1970's. It looks lousy but still functions well, and I still use it for some of my practicing. I use a Bach 1C mouthpiece.

My flugelhorn is a Getzen Capri, which I bought used in the early 1980's for about $300. It still looks and plays nicely and I use it often on jobs. I use a Bach 1 flugelhorn mouthpiece

This project began as a desire to improve my web building and html skills. Everything I read suggested picking a topic you love, so picking the trumpet was a no-brainer. I can say I've picked up a lot of html knowledge - I didn't realize how long it would take or organize my thoughts and knowledge into a website that hopefully will make sense to those who visit.

If you've read this far, thank you for your interest! I hope I've helped!

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