As you might imagine, there are many instruction books out there for the trumpet. On this page I'll cover a few of the most popular ones.

For the student who is just starting out, I hope you will be under the guidance of a qualified teacher who can recommend a good book to start out with.

For the more advanced student, there are many more books to choose from. Having said this though, one book has stood out for many years:

Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet

If I had to have just one trumpet book, it would be this one. Known to many simply as “The Arban Book”, this has been the overall book of choice for generations of trumpeters. I still have mine from about 35 years ago (it is in lousy shape now..)

The book covers all the fundamentals of trumpet playing. It is arranged in sections, covering tone, tonguing, slurring, scales, duets, and many songs and standard solo pieces!

The exercises in this book range from easy to extremely challenging, so players from beginner to elite will find useful material. I consider this book essential for every trumpter player's collection.

Take a look at THE ARBAN BOOK

As I mentioned earlier, there are many other books and, as your advancement continues, you may consider adding them for specialized focus areas. In the hope of helping you to avoid spending a lot of money on books, I've narrowed the list to a couple of books that I consider to be highly valuable.

For warm-up, lip flexibility and upper register development, I recommend Schlossberg Daily Drills.

For articulation, I like H. L. Clarke Technical Studies and his Characteristic Studies.

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