Prior to creating this site, I'd never used a Web Host before, so I spent a lot of time reading about what to look for, what to avoid and many user reviews of various hosts. There are many out there and it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Being new at this, I wanted a web host that would basically leave me with nothing to worry about. After much research, it became clear that the best choice for me is BLUEHOST


BlueHost offers a single plan with unlimited storage space, unlimited amount of domains that you can host and an unlimited amount of bandwidth given to the sites that you're hosting. And it's all for a very affordable monthly price. And if you sign up for a year or longer, you can get an even lower monthly rate!


As for reliability, I read many reviews touting their outstanding record of continuous availability. Downtime is extremely rare and server software upgrades happen automatically, so you don't have to worry about it.


With BlueHost you get a toll-free customer support hot line that is available 24/7. So there's a real person available to help whenever you need it! There is also a great support ticket system and knowledge base that will help you get the answers to all of your questions quickly and easily.


BlueHost excels here as well. It is easy to navigate around to work with your accounts. And, there is great support for simple scripts that make it easy to add your favorite web applications.

All in all, BlueHost became an easy choice for me, and I've been thrilled with their service!

To read more about their offerings, visit BLUEHOST!

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